About Me

Graphic Design and Me.

I’m Bhavini, a Milton Keynes based Graphic Designer with a shedload of passion and the experience to match. I’ve been a print-focused Graphic Designer for over 14 years, working in-house and for agencies before I broke free and set up B81 Designs in 2011.

I love working with clients of all shapes and sizes, from the likes of Barclaycard and British Gas to business-to-business start-ups, and it’s awesome that freelancing allows me to do both.

Although I mainly work with organisations in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, I’ve done work for clients across the world, from Australia to America. So if you like what I do, no matter where you are based, I’d love to hear from you.

Fun Fact.

I often get asked where the name of my business came from. It’s just my first initial and the year I was born…not so mysterious after all!

How I Design.

From my Graphic Design training and years working in the corporate world, I know all the rules of Graphic Design. Clean lines, white space and organisation are still really important elements of my design work, but I also love to break the rules by adding exciting splashes of colour, unexpected fonts and vibrancy to my creative work.

Life’s too short to stick to black and white. Are you with me? Then get in touch.

Things I Love.

When I start working with a new client, it’s really important to me to get to know them, so it’s only fair to share a few things about me first.

Here are just a few of the things I love…

Work with me and your design project will be fuelled by caffeine, and lots of it.

After a day at my desk, I love doing something physical to get my body moving.

I have two school-age girls and I love that freelancing allows me to spend time with them.

I’ve worked with some awesome people and I always love to meet people who are as excited about life as I am.

A few numbers.

Awesome Projects
Awards Received
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Happy Clients
‘White space is like air; it is necessary for design to breathe’

Wojciech Zieliński