I’ve got a quick question…with Sophie Blackmore

Sophie Blackmore, The Happy Marketer In her own words, Sophie is a marketer; quite a good one! She works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to give them clarity when it comes to their marketing strategy. She has heaps of experience and provides a range of different services If you haven’t come across Sophie yet, find […]

Working with me: how do I develop a brand identity?

Note books used during the brand identity process

You’ve set up new business and you’ve done all of your market research. You’re really looking forward to launching your business but there’s the final step of having a brand identity designed to get through. Or maybe you’ve been running your business for a couple of years now and the DIY logo just doesn’t cut […]

Why it’s important not to follow the herd with design trends

Sheep in a field following the herd

Branding and design trends come around often. Every. Single. Year! By now a lot of designers, and agencies will have written about all of the trends that they think will be making an appearance in 2022. And actually, they’ve probably written and published something about design trends at the end of 2021 so maybe I’m […]

6 reasons why it’s absolutely essential to have good briefs

Notebooks on a table

For the last 10 years (and 3.5 months) of my design career I’ve been working freelance. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worked on a project without a design brief. Both times, each project went belly up. They were both awful and frustrating. And in hindsight I should have known […]

A Coffee With…Julie Christie-Clark

A coffee with...

Julie Christie-Clark, Branding by Juls I’ve been following Juls for a while on Instagram. She has heaps of experience in the design industry, and is someone whose work is always spot on. And not only is Juls a talented designer, but she’s an author too! Email: julie@brandingbyjuls.com Website: www.brandingbyjuls.com Social media pages: Instagram What coffee do […]

A Coffee With…Sarah Monte-Colombo

A coffee with...

Sarah Monte-Colombo, Hallmarked Design I first discovered Sarah on Instagram. The way she markets her business, with bags and bags of energy and fun caught my eye.  I started following her and have really loved seeing her business grow. Sarah loves helping start-ups and small businesses with their branding and design needs. The passion she […]

A Coffee With…Rebekah Di Palma

A coffee with...

Arell, Rebekah Di Palma Rebekah and I met when we were working with the same business coach. She’s an amazing human being and is a very talented designer.  Beki and I haven’t met in person (we will one day) but she always inspires me to try things that challenge me. And she’s always there to […]

A Coffee With…Gemma Andrews

A coffee with...

Gemma Andrews, Gemma Andrews Design I first came across Gemma’s Instagram profile back in 2019 when she was featured by The Brand Stylist as part of the Elevated Designers Collective. Gemma’s design style is one that I admire a lot, she creates stunningly simple designs that are unique to you and your business.  When I […]

A Coffee With…Vardeep Edwards

A coffee with...

Vardeep Edwards, The Branding Fox Vardeep works with women in business to create professional branding and design solutions. She’s been freelancing for quite a while, and I first came across her name on Instagram and a couple of online networking groups.  We share a love of typography and brand identity design, and I was really […]

A Coffee With…Penni & Jo Pickering

A coffee with...

Penni & Jo Pickering, Kabo Creative A coffee with the team at Kabo Creative, who are not only very talented, but they’re very lovely too!  Penni, Jo and I are in a lot of the same freelance networking groups, and I’ve really admired their work since hearing about Kabo Creative.  After chatting with Penni a […]